Top Tips For Managing Change | bossed

Updated: Jul 11, 2020

There is no doubt that change has been thrust upon all of us in recent months. How we deal with that change as individuals is important but how we deal with change as employers is vital – not only for your employees - but for the ongoing success and wellbeing of your business. We’ve put together some “top tips” for approaching change and managing through it smoothly, effectively, and with compassion for those most impacted.

Why do we need to ‘actively’ manage change?

While change might feel like the new normal, as an employer there are many reasons you need to actively manage change within your organisation such as preventing issues like;

  • Personal grievances through unfair dismissal

  • Reduced employee health and wellbeing

and improve the positive impacts of change on your organisation like;

  • Improved profitability

  • Increased productivity

  • Active support and engagement with change initiative

  • Alignment between people, process and strategy

How do we ‘actively’ manage change?

In dynamic and uncertain times, it can be difficult to carve out the time to be methodical about change while continuing business operations, so keep it simple and cover all the bases with these key steps;

  1. Identify – the need for change

  2. Define – what successful change looks like for your organisation