Can I get funding for Health & Safety - Training, Equipment and Advice?

Updated: Jun 24, 2019

Work environments need to be healthy and safe. It’s important for wellbeing and good for business. Changes to New Zealand’s health and safety laws came into effect in 2016. This has seen businesses of all sizes reviewing the way they operate to ensure compliance and implement best practise. However, this has posed a challenge for some smaller businesses who have less resources available to make required or desired changes.

Recently the New Zealand government announced that ACC will invest $22m into workplace injury prevention grants and subsidies over the next five years to reduce workplace accidents. This investment is designed to support small and medium sized businesses to invest in health and safety training, equipment or advisory services. If you are an employer or employee of such a business, it’s worth looking into what support you may be eligible for.

The ACC programme mentioned above includes two types of assistance:

1. Workplace injury prevention grants which provide funding for organisations to help solve workplace health and safety problems affecting multiple businesses in an industry or supply chain.

2. Workplace injury prevention subsidies which are available to help small to medium businesses access services and other supports that are known to improve workplace health and safety.

The first round of funding grants and subsidy offerings for 2019 opens soon. See the ACC website for more information: