Employment Agreements

An employment agreement is a written document which records the terms and conditions of employment that are agreed between an Employer and Employee

bossed | Making employment agreements simple

The team at bossed are experts when it comes to documenting employment agreements.  We understand the rights and obligations of all parties, know how to communicate professionally, and can help you to start your employment relationship off on the right foot.

Why are employment agreements important?

It is a legal obligation for employers to have an employment agreement with each of their employees.  Some benefits of a well-documented employment agreement include: 


  • A clear understanding and guideline of what the employer and employee can expect from each other

  • A record of any employee or employer obligations the parties have agreed to, that sit outside of the minimum legal requirements 

  • A legal document to fall back on if there is a dispute over obligations to each other or the relationship turns sour

What are the minimum requirements?

​An employment agreement should include details of:

  • Names of employer and employee

  • Agreed workhours (hours of work)

  • Usual place of work

  • The term of employment i.e. fixed term, casual, permanent etc.

  • Wages/salary and how it will be paid

  • Job description

  • Procedure for raising a Personal Grievance (PG) including details of the 90-day limit

  • Statement about statutory holidays and pay

  • A provision outlining what will happen to the employee if the business is sold or transferred, or if the employee’s work is contracted out

  • Anything else that has been agreed between the employee and employer such as a probation period (90-day trials) or availability for shift-work

Note: Nothing else has to be specifically mentioned in an employment agreement, however, the employer must still adhere to minimum legal requirements around rest-breaks, annual leave etc. If an employee negotiates better terms and conditions than the minimum provided by law, those should be documented in the employment agreement.

Is there a template I can use?

Yes - there are a few options: 

  1. You can create your own employment agreement using the online Agreement Builder available from the Ministry for Business, Innovation and Employment (MBIE)

  2. You can contact bossed and we'll send you our FREE standard template if it's suitable to meet your needs.  Alternatively, if you require something a bit different, our experienced team can tailor-make an agreement for your business or situation.

  3. If you are looking for ongoing general HR support, we recommend our partners MyHR. For a monthly subscription, you'll have access to their easy-to-use software platform backed by an experienced team of HR professionals providing you with a wraparound HR service that's built for your business.  MyHR provides ongoing day-to-day HR support without locking you into a fixed contract, meaning you can cancel your subscription at any time. 

How can bossed help me?

Call the experienced team at bossed for a FREE consultation and technical advice about the employment agreements required to meet your business needs.  As we mentioned, we can send you our FREE standard template or alternatively, our team of experts can prepare professional, customised employment documentation on your behalf.

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