Breach of Contract by an employee

A breach of contract occurs when the employer or the employee do not hold true to the agreed terms and conditions of the employment contract. 

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If you think your employee has breached their contract, call the team at bossed for expert advice about what to do next.  Our experienced and knowledgeable team can clarify the rights and obligations of everyone involved and help you to work out the best way forward.

Has my employee breached their contract?

If your employee breaks the terms of their employment agreement, they have breached their contract and you may have grounds for disciplinary action or even dismissal.  When an employee breaches their contract, it is considered misconduct or serious misconduct depending on the severity of what they’ve done.

How can bossed help me?

After reviewing all the relevant documents, information and law, bossed will advise you as to whether your employee has breached their contract. From there our friendly experts will make recommendations on the best course of action whether it’s trying to sort things out informally, taking disciplinary action or even dismissal.  We can support and represent you through the process that follows; providing sound, practical advice and keeping interactions with your employee professional and confidential. 

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