Dealing with Frequently Absent Employees

So a pattern is emerging – one of your team is absent… and not too much later they’re absent again… and again… and again.  As an employer, you need reliable team-members who turn up to work when they’re supposed to and perform their role to the standard you and your customers expect.  Regular absenteeism, when left unmanaged, has a massive impact not only on the individual’s productivity but on other members of the team who pick up the slack and ultimately on your business’ bottom line.  You need to be on top of this so that any future absence is minimised and disciplinary action isn't necessary.

bossed | Supporting you to tackle absenteeism

Managing frequent absenteeism and unplanned leave can be tricky.  It takes time and effort when you’re already under pressure and it must be handled sensitively.  So what’s the first step?  Contact the experienced team at bossed and we’ll make it easy for you.

What might cause absenteeism?

There are many reasons why a team member may be frequently absent.  Some may be within your power to fix, some may not.  Whatever the reason, it's important that you understand what is going on so that you can act appropriately whilst also mitigating the impact on your business.


Common reasons for frequent employee absence include:

  • bullying or harassment

  • burn-out, stress or low morale

  • child-care or elderly-care commitments

  • problems in personal/home life

  • injury, mental/physical illness or well-being issues

  • job dissatisfaction or disengagement

  • job-hunting or interviews

How to manage excessive absences and unplanned leave

The key to managing absences and unplanned leave is communication.  Expectations and policies should be clearly communicated and understood by employees and their managers.  Absences should be monitored and any concerns raised directly with the employee in a timely and curious manner.  True reasons for frequent absences need to be understood so that appropriate action can be taken to manage the situation and prevent further problems.


How can bossed help?

The bossed team is made up of knowledgeable employment relations managers who are familiar with the rights and obligations of all sides as well as the process. We will provide you with expert advice about how to manage your situation and have a range of template letters and guides available for you to use.  We can coach and assist you to communicate professionally and effectively with your problem employee, whether that’s in writing or in a meeting.  The key thing is we will help you get the issue under control quickly, more quickly than if you try to figure it out on your own.  In addition to providing advice on a specific case, we can offer employers on-site coaching sessions to up-skill all your people managers on how to manage absenteeism.  


Having bossed on your side will save you time, money and stress.  So what are you waiting for?  Get it sorted today.

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