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Disciplinary Meetings

A disciplinary meeting is a formal meeting between an employer and employee that forms part of an investigation into employee conduct. Both sides are entitled to representation and will have the opportunity to discuss the issue being investigated before a decision is made by the employer about what, if any, disciplinary action will be taken. 

What is the disciplinary process?

The disciplinary process that a fair and reasonable employer will typically follow is:

  1. Decide that there is a good reason to start an investigation into allegations made against an employee.

  2. Inform the employee of the issue and the investigation process to be followed

  3. Investigate the issue

  4. Hold an investigation meeting with you, commonly referred to as a “disciplinary meeting”.

  5. Investigate further (if necessary)

  6. Hold a second formal investigation/disciplinary meeting (if necessary)

  7. Consider what action to take, if any

  8. Inform the employee of the preliminary decision and consider the employee’s response before making a final decision

  9. Meet with the employee to inform them of the final decision and confirm it in writing also

What are my rights and responsibilities when invited to a disciplinary meeting?

As an employee, if you are being investigated and have been invited to a disciplinary meeting, it is your right to:

  • be given a formal written invitation to the meeting outlining the issues/reasons why you are being investigated and the evidence against you

  • be given adequate time to prepare your response to the issues raised and present your own relevant evidence

  • have a support person/representative accompany you to the meeting

  • go through a fair process before being given a decision about the outcome and what action will be taken (if any)

It is your responsibility to:

  • Attend the investigation/disciplinary meeting (along with your support person/representative if applicable)

  • Be honest, tell the truth and act in good faith​

How can bossed help me?

At bossed our representatives are experienced experts.  From the moment you contact us you can start to relax and know that you’re going to be well supported.  We provide sound, practical advice and as your representative, we will ensure that a fair process is followed and will keep interactions between you and your employer professional and civilised. 

Prior to the disciplinary meeting, our team will help you to gather important facts and evidence and decide what you're going to say.  During the meeting, we will help you to tell your side of the story, express your views and negotiate the best possible outcome.  

Contact our friendly team today for a FREE & confidential consultation. Fill out our form below or call us on 0800 BOSSED

What does it cost?

In most cases, our help won’t cost employees/individuals anything.  When you first make contact, we will provide a free  15 minute consultation and confidential advice about your situation.  If your problem requires dedicated support from our team and/or formal representation we will aim to ensure any fees are covered by your employer. Have more questions? Click below to read more about the difference between bossed and 'no win no fee' organisations:

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