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bossed have a team of employment law experts, who provide nationwide advice and representation to both employees and employers dealing with workplace issues, disputes and grievances. 

We also offer strategic and technical HR/ER services to employers, operating as an on-call HR/ER expert or an extension of your in-house HR team.

Are you an employee experiencing a workplace issue?

If you’re experiencing an issue with your employer (previous or current), it can cause anxiety and stress, especially when you're unsure what do do in the situation. 


Where do you start? Give one of our friendly team members a call on 0800 BOSSED, and we'll discuss your matter further and how we may be able to assist. We are familiar with the resolution process and understand each sides’ rights and obligations. We know how to identify and obtain the best outcome for you and will confidently negotiate on your behalf.  Because we’re experienced, we can resolve matters quickly so that stress is not prolonged, and everyone can move on. 

Click below to see some of the common workplace issues that employees experience:

Below provides an indication of our process when raising a personal grievance

Business Meeting

Step 1 - 

Complete one of our online forms or give the friendly team a call on 0800 BOSSED. We'll discuss your situtation in further detail, and advise on how we can assist.

Legal Handshake

Step 2 - Settlement Talks

We'll contact your employer on your behalf, and dicuss options to resolve your workplace problem/s. This might include attending a disciplinary meeting, negotiating an exit agreement or negotiating a settlement. 

Couple in Mediation

Step 3 - Mediation

If we are unable to reach a settlement with the employer, a request for Mediation will be filed with Mediation Services, who are operated through the Ministry of Business Innovation and Employment. 


Step 4 -

If we are unable to reach a settlement during mediaton, or the employer refuses to attend mediation, the next step in the process is to file with the Employment Relations Authority.

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All information provided to us is strictly confidential. For email and online enquiries, we'll respond to you within one business day.

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